heritage treasures: guided tours in a different way


Icône d'une tête humaine de couleur noireThe spirit: learn

Icône d'un cœur de couleur blancheThe heart: feel

Icône d'un corps humain de couleur noireThe body: taste

When we have great treasures before our eyes, we hardly notice them. Do you know why? Because human beings do not believe in treasures.

Paulo Coelho

Effet nuage transparent
Leïla Kopff entrain de réaliser une visite de groupe dans une église

My services

My tours offer a new heritage approach. They speak to the heart, body and spirit!
Icône d'une carte avec une boussole de couleur jaune


Guided visits (2h to 2h30) in Alsace


Guided visits, 2h to 2h30, in Alsace (Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin)

Carte de la France avec positionnement des régions Bas-Rhin et Haut-Rhin
Icône du Bas-Rhin de couleur jaune avec les villes Strasbourg, Ebersheim et Sélestat positionnées dessus.


Discover the mysterious city of  Sélestat”

In Alsace, two cities are well known around the globe, Strasbourg, and Colmar for the wonders of their historical centers.

Have you ever heard of Sélestat?

It is the third city of Alsace for the richness of its architectural heritage. Sélestat will reveal its treasures as we stroll through its magnificent historic center.

Let’s be surprised by the hidden treasures of this unknown city!

Façade d'une maison Alsacienne avec des fresques.

The cathedral,

a jewel in the center of Strasbourg

La cathédrale de Strasbourg

Being a certified guide for the cathedral of Strasbourg, together, we will be able to discover this amazing Lady whom Goethe used to call “gigantic and delicate”.

A cathedral being a work of Faith, our physical journey from the outside to the inside of the building, will make us aware of the inner journey that occurs when we encounter a sacred jewel of this magnitude.

Ebersheim, a very peculiar village

Maison Alsacienne grise à colombage avec niche contenant une statue de la Sainte Vierge.
Maison Alsacienne jaune à colombage. Maison natale du champion olympique Ignace Heinrich.

A city where an Olympic champion was born, Ebersheim will charm you with its Alsatian houses with small niches and religious heritage.

Let yourself embark for a moment of sweetness and a timeless discovery throughout this peculiar village.

Icône du Haut-Rhin de couleur jaune avec les villes Strasbourg, Ebersheim et Sélestat positionnées dessus.



The magnificent Isenheim Altarpiece

Le retable d'Issenheim

A centerpiece is by itself the trip to Unterlinden: the Isenheim Altarpiece. People come from all over the world to see the collections of Unterlinden museum in Colmar.

Let’s take some time to appreciate this Masterpiece!


The magnificent Isenheim Altarpiece

Vu de l'entrée du musée d'Unterlinden


a picturesque town

Kaysersberg, une maison à colombage
Kaysersberg, une arche au dessus de l'entrée d'un bâtiment composée de saints.

Going back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is a natural phenomenon when you visit Kaysersberg.

Let yourself be tamed by the charm of this picturesque town and surprised by a guided tour through the unknown…

Customized visits

A birthday?

A celebration between friends?

A team building?

A year-end party?

A special gift?


You want to practice your French while visiting a beautiful region?

All occasions are good to share a moment off the beaten track.

Contact me directly for a customized visit!

La cathédrale de Strasbourg
Kaysersberg, une maison à colombage
Façade d'une maison Alsacienne avec des fresques.


3 themes (in Visio)

I. History

Portrait peint de Louis 17 enfant.

Paris and its saints

Louis the 17th, the story of a heart

II. The Parisian districts

Vu sur le quartier Marais à Parise

  The Pantheon and Genevieve Mountain

The Marais district

III. Painting

Peinture la madone de Port Lligat de Dali.

Crucifixion in art

  Salvador Dali and his “sacred” paintings

Customized conferences

You would like to travel and visit unusual places without the travelling hazards and costs, book a virtual conference.

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Who Am I?

Leïla Kopff

Portrait de Leïla Kopff
Une allée de baobabs dans la région du Menabe à Madagascar.

My background

Half “Greek-Lebanese” from my mother and half “French-Alsatian” from my father, I had the chance, from an early age, to meet different cultures and learn to adapt quickly to the countries in which I was able to live.

Madagascar, Reunion Island, Peru, Texas, and South Africa gave me a great appreciation for discovering other human beings by embracing their cultural differences and history.

For me, Heritage is the rainbow of a country, a region, a city and my invitation is to discover its colours, together!

This moment is yours!
This moment is ours!


A new vision

Guided tours that speak to the heart, body, and mind!

Icône d'un cœur de couleur blanche


We will take the time to share our feelings after visiting a special place…

Icône d'un corps d'humain de couleur blanche


We will connect to different senses such as the taste, with a surprise tasting…

Icône d'une tête symbolisant l'esprit de couleur blanche


We shall be enriched with historical knowledge and anecdotes…

Leïla Kopff sur le dos d'un éléphant avec son guide en Afrique.
Leïla Kopff vue de dos, avec vue sur une magnifique vallée d'Afrique du Sud.
Leïla Kopff tenant le diplôme de la fédération nationale des guides interprètes conférenciers

My qualifications

– Professional guide member of the WFGTA (World federation of tourist guide’s associations)

– Business card no. GC20/92/04/P

– Tour guide certified by “Notre-Dame de Strasbourg“ cathedral

– Spoken languages :

Icône FR blanche (France)


Icône EN blanche (English)


Icône ES blanche (Espagnol)



Leïla took me through the city of Sélestat, with passion!

I was accompanied by a very professional guide with qualities of sweetness and humour.

A great moment!

I highly recommend this encounter!

Nathalie, Strasbourg

Leila is one of my favourite guides. Her explanations are clear. 

I think, there’s something else.

Leila deeply loves what she does. She does her tours with love and I could feel it.

Her visits fill my head and soul.

Eléonore, Paris

Leila led us (a group of Belgian friends) through the Marais district in Paris with a lot of passion and knowledge.

An excellent guide with a view not only of the history, but also of the contemporary aspect of this part of Paris!

Vera, Belgium


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If is urgent, please mention URGENT.

Warm regards, Leïla